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  1. I sent you a message on twitter but I thought I would put it here cas it is kind of short notice.

    Hi, I'm Lili of the TYFA. I know you are a new member so just remind you we have a meeting tomorrow on Skype and it would be great to see you there. Also tomorrow at 2 we are doing a littlw meet up of London teen fems at the Southbank, second floor of the royal festival hall and it would be so cool to see you there (sorry about short notice). Lili x

  2. Thanks so much for messaging me :)

    Unfortunately I have loads of exams next week so I won't be able to make the meet up or Skype chat- sorry!! But I've sent a contact request to you on Skype and hopefully I'll be able to make the next monthly meet up. It's lovely to hear from you, and it's so awesome that there's a community of young feminists!! Hopefully I'll speak to you soon -Yas