Tuesday, 27 January 2015

F*ck off Facebook

Now seems as good a time as any to return to this rejected blog. Facebook's just locked me out because I'm not using my real name on their website... they want ID to let me back in. I am ridiculously annoyed, and here's why...

Getting everyone to use their "real" names on Facebook is not only unfair, it is damaging. Facebook are basically saying that they have more of a right to identify individuals than individuals have to identify themselves. For many, especially trans people who haven't legally changed their names, this is offensive, ridiculous and wrong.

For me it's the privacy deal. Facebook is not like Twitter, my website, emails, my blog... Facebook is a safe space. It is the one space where I could go online and know that not a single troll would find me. I get shitloads of online abuse, and my Facebook name is fake for a reason - so that I can feel safe. I used a fake name for security. Now I'm locked out, and feeling rather pissed off.

I live and work on Facebook. Not only is it a great social hub, but it helps me campaign. Most of the campaigns I work on discuss all of our strategy in a Facebook group, most of my communication on jobs I'm working on is done through Facebook, and it's the one place on the Internet I used to be able to hide.

Thanks to Facebook believing they have more of a right to dictate individual's names than we do, I'm locked out. I'm missing out on work, friends and opportunities. Everyone who doesn't have an issue with their real name is entitled to that space. Because I'm abused elsewhere, I've now lost my right to a safe environment... how is that logical Facebook? How?