Thursday, 28 August 2014

End of an Era

When I was 11 years old, I picked something up that would change my life forever. 7 years later, there I was, standing outside Waterstones in bleak weather, waiting for it all to be over. Today is simultaneously the most exciting and worst day of my life. The end of the Skulduggery Pleasant series.

Not only am I now at home with a limited-edition Black Copy (Only 1000 printed, hidden on Waterstones shelves, with a chance to have lunch with Derek Landy *squeels*) of the final Skulduggery book, but it is in my home because someone was kind enough to give it to me.

I hardly slept last night. I got up at 6am this morning. I was outside Waterstones Piccadilly (the largest bookshop in Europe!) an hour before it opened. I had a map in my head of 5 other stores in close proximity, and the order in which I would visit them in, in hope of getting my hands on a Black Edition book. I was the first outside, but when the doors opened, fans rushed the store, sprinting up two flights of steps in pursuit of a book. My sister, Leyla, was on the phone, checking Twitter as the stores notified how many copies they had left. It was all perfect. Except I didn't find a book.

Near to panic and tears on the phone, debating whether to keep looking or dash to the next destination (Waterstones, Trafalgar Square), a girl approached me with Black Edition in hand. Her and her friends had managed to find two, and selflessly, she told me to take one, because she had a signed edition coming in the post. I took the book, I hugged her and when she left I might have cried... just a little bit.

Thank you so, so much to the Scuttlebug who made my day. I am eternally grateful. Happy reading!